Traditional Introductory Gubbins!

Here we go – the inevitable preface to every hodge-podge compilation of words: the introductory post. The one that tells you gratuitous amounts of unnecessary detail about who the heck I am as a person and why I’ve actually decided to try and do this (again. There have been many attempts throughout my life. We don’t talk about those). The ones that tend to go on for far too long and introduce you to the fact that ‘Becca’ and ‘Concise’ go together as concepts the same way drowning goes with breathing (why that’s the comparison I chose to go with, I honestly cannot tell you). But hey, it has to be done some time or later, so please bear with me, hypothetical reader of this corner of the internet, as I try my best to explain. If only I had my old Tinder bio to refer to right now…

Hey! I’m Becca, I’m 19 [and I don’t wear hats] and I currently study Psychology and Philosophy at Keele University in 2nd my year (how on earth am I already over half way through my degree…I don’t know what universal entity allowed that to happen but I really have to question their judgement), with hopes of being a Philosophy/Psychology teacher. So… what you can take from that is I’m a irretrievably overemotional, hypersensitive, overly-empathetic person who wants to look after other people (but perhaps doesn’t tend to succeed…) and that I overthink literally everything to the very core of its foundation.

I’m affectionately referred to as a “marshmallow” of a person (despite the irony being I’m a vegetarian and therefore cannot even eat marshmallows) – I live and breathe hugs (if you’ve heard about that ‘love language’ thing, mine is definitely touch), my heart is approximately eighty-seven times too heavy to adhere to my sleeve, and I’m generally just a very soft person. Imagine ‘Baymax’ from Big Hero 6 except less helpful and less awesome and endearing in general. That, right there, is me. I also believe very strongly that humanity’s strongest tool is our inherent need and subsequent ability to communicate and connect with one another and subjugate into a unit with the power to change the rest of the social world for the better – I know this is overly deep; just as a warning you can probably expect to see me offer up strange faux-wisdom like that fairly often because that is literally how I think and talk in real life.

As I said, I hope to become a teacher. For a few years I was intending to become a clinical psychologist, and while a part of me still considers this, I feel I could potentially do more within the context of pastoral support in schools with what I know and have learnt, both academically and from my own personal lived experiences. I want to teach and lift young people up to achieve their potential, most certainly, but I also want to impart upon them something of more weight; something more relevant to every-day life rather than some big ‘end goal’ of a career or whatever else. I want to be someone they can turn to for at least some level of support who will fight for them to see the services they need to see. I know I could in theory do ‘more’ as a psychologist, but the issue is it simply depends on what jobs are available in the UK as to how much one can do, and I fear what I would want to do wouldn’t be wildly available, as working in an IAPT service does not personally interest me. I also know that, being the emotional person that I am, being a psychologist is a risk. But you don’t need to see me debate my life dreams with myself; I’ll park this here, aha. I’m…not exactly concise. And I suppose I have a tendency to overshare when I’m not chronically undersharing. Oops.

As you may or may not have noted from the photos I decided to include (and from the fact their blog is helpfully linked up in my socials at the top of this blog – please check it out; she has far more insightful things to say than I do!), I am fortunate enough to have been encouraged to do this by my girlfriend, Lauren – a proud, vibrant and caring non-binary woman (she/they prounouns – and by the way, if you cannot respect this, you are simply not welcome here) I was somehow lucky enough to stumble into on the illustrious land of romance otherwise known as Tinder. Yup. I’ll leave our silly little virtual meet-cute for another time (gotta find content for this somehow, no?) , but it’s as soft and marshmallowy as I and Laur both are. I have officially been hers as of 24/08/2018, and I truly consider this the day my life was somehow ‘reborn’; I cannot begin to articulate to you how much I have changed since this day, and how much they have, too. I am forever proud to stand by her side as a proudly sapphic, queer, demisexual woman. So if this is a trainwreck, blame them!

As I alluded to just then, I am a proudly sapphic/queer/demisexual woman and a proud advocate for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. I very much preach intersectionality and inclusionism, and so if you feel that those on the ace spectrum, non-binary people or trans people, polyamorous people etc. do not belong in our community, kindly a) get the hell off of my blog, for I refuse to associate with you, and b) go pound sand. This is also a story I will leave for another day, but I am a proud flaming homosexual attracted to women and non-binary people (once close to them emotionally) and I am very, very, very in love. After all… I can’t change even if I tried – even if I wanted to. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please go and type ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ into YouTube. You are so welcome.)

Perhaps a rather relevant thing to know about me, although I won’t go into too much detail about it for now for various reasons, is that I also suffer from various forms of mental illness. I am not going to go into all the specifics for the moment as a condition many people rather suspect I have suffered from for a lifetime that may explain a fair few mysteries is currently being investigated. Its relevance lies in the fact that it has completely shaped my every action, word, thought and feeling since literal infancy; I simply would not be who I am, for better or for worse, without it. In terms of ‘health’ I’m also gonna throw in here that I’m a type 1 diabetic – so shout out to my fellow diabetics out there! I’m also being investigated for fatigue stuff but again, currently I am not officially diagnosed so will also park that for now.

In terms of things I do in my spare time that aren’t lying aimlessly in my bed and falling asleep at 5pm without meaning to while some random YouTube autoplay keeps rolling in the background, it’s a bit of a range, really. My two favourite hobbies are without a doubt music and writing (poetry especially); both mean a very great deal to me and I will speak about both in the future, without a doubt! If you want to check out my shoddy attempts at either, both my YouTube account and my Poetizer (with some of my less crucial works, since I’m trying to enter some competitions with my favourites atm) are linked in my socials! I’ve also always loved video games – Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Kirby in particular are true loves of mine. I also love mucking around with make-up – who doesn’t love an excuse to be even more colourful and extra – drag, musical theatre (my two faves for now being Dear Evan Hansen and Spring Awakening), and Steven Universe, which I ended up showing Laur and marathoning the entire thing (so far) with her in the space of two months… oops.

Other random things I love include: the night sky, stars, constellations and galaxies; Starry Starry Night by Van Gogh; Kelly Clarkson; Winnie the Pooh (if you ever want to reduce me to tears in .5 of a second, that’s how you do it. Also, I literally own 6 piglet mugs bc my Dad has always nicknamed me Piglet), animals (I particularly love dolphins, pigs, and my wonderful cat salem!), juice (I’m tee-total; whataya expect), forests and greenery, and my mum’s macaroni cheese. Truly, I am sharing the most groundbreaking information here today, folks.

This is probably far, far, far more information than literally anybody ever asked for or needed, but as I warned you from the very start, I am a less than concise human being! If you are still reading even now, I can only thank you for your patience and interest, whether it be of the genuine, pitying or morbid varieties. Much love to you; take care of yourself, and give yourself a hug or preferred alternative from me. Mwah.

– Becca x